Self Storage With Coastal MI-BOX Is Simple



 Learn How Self-Storage with Coastal Mi-Box Works in 3 Steps

Coastal MI-BOX brings the storage to you. That's right. We deliver each self storage unit right to your New Hampshire and Maine home or business. There is no need to rent a delivery truck or make multiple trips to your local self storage unit.

Rent the self storage space you need.  Coastal MI-BOX Mobile Storage & Moving has 8 ft., 16 ft., and 20 ft., boxes. Combine units to get the space you need. Keep them for as long as you need them. We rent by the month, just like self storage.

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Self storage choices for you. MI-BOX mobile storage has secure self storage locations that are locally owned and operated. You'll always talk directly to a local storage person in your area. We'll provide cost effective container storage solutions. Choose from keeping the container on your site or store them in our self storage centers. Get great service and affordable self storage rates from MI-BOX.

  • Save time and money with mobile self storage containers
  • Portable storage units are delivered right to your home
  • Self storage containers are rented by the month - just like self storage units
  • Secure weather proof storage containers keep your items safe
  • Convenient storage containers kept at your location or in our secure storage centers
  • Storage at your site
  • Packing supplies
  • Home staging
  • Storage at our centers
  • Container moving
  • Fire and flood restoration

Self storage that is safe and secure.  MI-BOX has been manufacturing our own self storage containers since 2004. They have been tested from coast to coast in the U.S. and Canada for many years. Our composite wall panels protect against moisture. Our form fitted and sealed roof keeps harsh elements out and your belongings safe and dry. Hot dipped galvanized structural steel frames won't rust or leave unsightly stains on your driveway.

Protect your belongings and home from damage. At Coastal MI-BOX Mobile Storage & Moving, we use our patented Container Delivery System that gently places each storage unit in more places with greater ease than all other container storage companies - while always keeping the container and your contents level. Your moving storage container and contents are kept level at all time, protecting your stored items from damage. Our LeveLift System gently places on any surface with precision and care.

Get the service you deserve. MI-BOX Mobile Storage & Moving dealers are owned and operated by hard working families from your area. All dealers use MI-BOX containers and our patent pending LeveLift System to ensure a quality experience every time. You're guaranteed to get the best possible self storage service from people who want to earn your business.

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