How To Turn Your Clutter into Cash with Mi-Box

Turn that Clutter into Cash with Mi-Box


May is here! Time to cash in on those proverbial flowers that everyone was talking about in April. What better way to do that than cleaning out the home, and turning those old clubs that have been sitting in the corner of the garage into some cash? What would you do with a few hundred dollars? Put it towards a new toy? Plan an extravagant summer vacation? Turn that old clutter into some hard cash Memorial Day weekend with Mi-Box.

Historically Memorial Day weekend is a very popular weekend to hold a yard saleand if you start planning now, you could clean house. Literally. Make your yard sale as profitable as possible with a few tips we've taken the liberty of listing out below...

MiBox portable storage container


Call Mi-Box and rent a portable storage container. Coastal Mi-Box delivers weatherproof and secure storage containers to your property. This will save you from moving your sale items in and out of the home. Don't worry about the weather, or lack of garage space during your sale, stage your items right in the Mi-Box container! Better yet, hold a multi-day sale, cash in on that clutter and treat yourself!



Advertise! You know a great FREE way to advertise your yardsale? Craigslist of course!  Create a few different listings, to maximize your bargain-hunter exposure for free by listing a few of the bigger items you would like to sell on the respective categories on craigslist, and advertise your yardsale in the ad-copy.


MiBox is Open for Business

Commit to Cashing in on your Clutter. Memorial Day Weekend is a busy time for many people. BBQ's, family visits...traffic... Be sure you are 'Open for Business' during times that encourage people to come by. Start early in the morning, and stay open throughout the early afternoon. Better yet, if you really want to liquidate and make some money off your yard-sale, offer to hold it over the course of several days. This is where staging your sale items in a Mi-Box Storage Container comes in REALLY handy 😉



So with a little forethought, prep and work you can make sure your yardsale is a huge success. Take a quick look around your house today, find those items gathering dust in the corner of the rooms, basements and garages. Do they have any value? Love it or lose it? Perhaps you could finally finance that dream vacation, new toy or renovation. Throwing a yardsale can be easy with a little preparation, and here at Coastal Mi-Box our goal is to make it easier on you.

Call Coastal Mi-Box today to get an instant quote on a temporary storage solution for your yard sale today!



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