First-Time Homebuyer? 5 Questions to Ask Movers

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First-Time Homebuyer? 5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Moving Company

Moving can be a stressful, time-consuming and frustrating experience. But it doesn’t have to be! Don’t let the excitement of moving into to your new home be upset by moving day logistics.

Moving companies are, by far, more efficient, faster and safer than doing it all yourself. Save yourself, your spouse, your family, and most importantly (your back?) yourself precious time and energy by hiring the pro’s to help you make the transition into your new living space quick, clean and hassle free.

We know that your property is important to you, so hiring a company that you can trust to handle your items, heirlooms, wedding gifts and furniture with care is paramount.

So, if you’re looking to hire a moving company, here are five important questions to ask first.

  1. Estimates: It all comes down to the nickels and dimes right? Find a company that will give you an estimate is a great way to compare different companies in your area, as well as safeguard yourself from price-gouging. Be sure to get everything in writing, and secure the departure and arrival dates to avoid any potential hiccups that may hinder your progress along the way. Coastal Mi-Box offers Instant Quote tools, so that you will know right away exactly what the cost of our services will be! Maine Instant Quote Tool | New Hampshire Instant Quote Tool 
  2. Specific Services: Moving companies can vary in terms of what services they offer. There are some companies that may not be able to move large items, such as grand pianos, and others that may specialize in moving such items. Most of the time this is because of requiring specialized equipment and/or insurance. So don’t be afraid to ask!  Before you call up a moving company, be sure to know exactly what items you will need to have moved, if they do not have the ability ask for a referral. At Coastal Mi-Box we have an entire network of moving companies that we are partnered with to help you find the service you need!
  3. References: Trust is key, this company will be handling your personal belongings. References are a large part of what secures your trust and comfort in their ability to perform the task effectively. Look into their social media channels and feeds, are they active in the community? How do they respond to reviews or criticism? At Coastal Mi-Box we are very community oriented, and take part in , and sponsor events such as the Prescott Park Arts Festival, Touch A Truck for Richie McFarland Childrens Center and more! When looking for movers, be sure to ask the company if they can provide references or a link to some reviews of their business. Don’t be shy to ask your new neighbors for some good local moving options, it could be a good excuse for an ice-breaker in the new neighborhood.
  4.  Damage: You’ve chosen a company you can trust and afford, but what will happen in the event something is damaged during transport? Be sure to ask what the company’s policy is on this subject. Coastal Mi-Box is fully insured in the event there is an accident or damage resulting from our equipment or an event during transit. Coastal Mi-Box also offers optional insurance packages in case of damage where we may not be liable, for example a tree falling on top of your moving container and damaging your belongings whilst it is on your property.
  5. Inventory: Apart from the cost of the actual move, this is perhaps the most important question to ask. Moving is not only expensive; it’s also the surest way to lose something you can’t replace. With Mi-Box you don’t need to worry about losing your precious belongings. Our moving containers are built to be weatherproof and secure. We rent locks so that you can be sure the belongings in your Mi-Box moving container are secure!

To re-cap, take the time to ask these 5 questions when looking for a moving company. At Coastal Mi-Box we are very transparent, and would be happy to answer any and all of your questions. After all, we are here to make your move easier!

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