Coastal Mi-Box Celebrates One Year

Happy Birthday to Coastal Mi-Box & Alex Reinhard!

Coastal Mi-Box celebrates one year in business in the Seacoast region of New Hampshire and Maine.

Coastal Mi-Box
February 14, 2017 Jim Wieler shakes hands with Edward Smith at the dealership signing.

How did we survive our first year in business? We did more than that, we thrived!” Says Jim Wieler when asked about his experience starting a new business.


One year ago, on February 14, 2017 Jim Wieler and wife Shelley bought a dealership from the nationally renowned Mi-Box Corporation. The daily operations of the venture are managed by their son, Scott Wieler and friend Alex Reinhard and their two dogs Clover and Axel. Now with one year under their belts the young, dynamic team is not showing any signs of slowing down.

Coastal Mi-Box boston voyager

“We are significantly over our goal for our first year. It hasn’t been easy, but our team embraced the challenges and turned them into learning opportunities, which has really propelled our confidence and growth as an operation.” Says Jim, while Scott and Alex run the day to day operations he is still very much involved as a manager and coach.

“We’ve been doing amazing things on a shoe-string budget.” By leveraging their local team approach to focus on delivering a personalized customer service experience they have been able to separate their services from those of their competitors. “When you call into Coastal Mi-Box, you are going to be talking to either myself, or Alex” says Scott. “We are hands on all aspects of the business.”

This approach earned their business a feature in the Boston Voyager after just 8 months in business. “Our customers are, a good amount of the time, in a stressful situation.” Alex Reinhard puts it simply, “They are looking for help, we want them to know from the first time they contact us that we are here with a solution.”


“We took the bull by the horns, developed a dynamic team and fostered an environment that encourages creativity, entrepreneurship and growth. The future is bright and I couldn’t be more proud of where we are today, and what we will accomplish tomorrow.” Jim finishes.


Beyond celebrating their first year in business, the team is also celebrating Alex Reinhard’s birthday.

Happy Birthday Alex!



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