5 Easy Ways to Help De-Clutter Your Home

5 Easy Ways to Help

De-Clutter Your Home

As the weather turns cooler, and bikes, boats, sporting goods, lawn furniture and other toys begin to make their migration into the home, keeping your living space clear, clean and open can be a full time chore. Because we like cleaning the home (and office) just as much as eating cold corn chowder, we decided to compile some quick and easy tips to help you keep your home clean through the transition into winter.

  1. Call Coastal Mi-Box! De-Clutter your home without discarding your bikes, boats, sporting goods, lawn furniture, summer clothes or anything else. Rent a 8'x8', 16'x8' or 20'x8' storage box from us, we deliver the boxes right to your door. Keep it on your property as long as you would like, or let us store it for you! We make self-storage easy.
  2. Make a list. Schedule which room you are going to clean on which day of the week. Try and assign one room a day, clean up that room and then STOP. Making a list creates accountability, and by assigning just one room at a time makes an intimidating task more manageable.
  3.  The 4-Box method. Bring 4 boxes into a room; Trash, Give-Away, Keep, Re-Locate. As you go through the room place your items in their respective box. You may be surprised with how quickly the room clears up!
  4.  The Carrot on a Stick Method. Place a treat (candy, drink, or other motivator) in a far corner of the room. In order to obtain said motivator you must work your way systematically through the room towards the far corner. Once the job is done you've got a sense of accomplishment and your motivator in hand, this one is great for getting the kids to pitch in!
  5.  Make Your Bed. Try making your bed the first thing you do when you get up in the morning for a week straight. It is amazing what a difference it will make in your bedroom and in your psyche. Making your bed takes a mere minute, and can start your day off feeling a sense of accomplishment, this can do a long way. Perhaps you will be more motivated to accomplish another chore or two before your first cup of coffee. In either case it is certainly worth a shot!

Thanks for taking a minute to read our 5 tips to de-cluttering your home. We hope you find one, or maybe even two of these helpful. If you find you need short-term, or long term storage feel free to give us a call for a free consultation and quote!

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