3 Ways to Get Things Done with Mi-Box this Spring

3 Ways to Get Things Done with Mi-Box this Spring

Spring Time DIY Homeowner

Are you ready to get to work this spring?

Beloved, and often dreaded, this is the time of year that homeowners love to hate. As the weather turns, and we migrate out towards that back yard and grill area, it can be all-too tempting to procrastinate on the house projects.

After a long winter indoors, you were probably dreaming of taking that wall down in the kitchen, re-finishing the flooring in the living room, or just perhaps an aggressive deep clean. For those of you who are DIY'ers, it is fun to dream up these home projects, and EASY to procrastinate on them. What is the #1 reason that homeowners delay their projects? The fear of upsetting their living space for an undetermined amount of time. This brings us to reason #1 to use Mi-Box this spring.

kitchen renovation

1) Summer renovations and DIY projects.

Getting those floors refinished would be great. BUT I don't want to have the couch in my bedroom/kitchen/cramp another living space for the duration of the project. No problem. Our temporary storage solutions enable you to move your belongings out into a safe, secure and weatherproof unit for the duration of the project. A week, a month, a year (we hope not for your sake)? No problem. The best part? You don't have to worry about moving it far, keep it on your property for quick and easy access.

2) Get those winter toys out of the way

It's time to mow the lawn...too bad the lawnmower is trapped behind boxes, bins and other seasonal equipment. De-Clutter your space with a seasonal Mi-Box container rental. There's no need to keep that snowblower in the middle of the garage for half the year and our seasonal rates are much cheaper than building a shed! We can store it for you at our facility and bring it back in the fall when you're ready. Simple! Want to see more De-Cluttering tips and tricks? See our post here 



Yard Sale

3) Planning a Yard Sale?

Memorial Day is fast approaching, and bargain hunters will be out in full-force, a great time to liquidate that old set of golf clubs that only got used once. Stage your yard sale supplies in a Mi-Box storage container on your property and enjoy quick and easy access to the equipment day-in and day-out. Don't worry about having to move it in and out of the house every day and extend that yard-sale out for as long as it takes you to turn that clutter into cash!