3 Tips to Moving with Kids

Moving can be stressful on you, your family, and even your friends! But it is often the children who bear the brunt of moving stress.

Learn how Coastal Mi-Box makes moving as easy as 1,2,3.

3 Tips to making your families move stress-free.

  1. Get the kids involved. Your kids are smart, they take note of everything going on in the household, especially those hushed conversations! Tell your child why you’re moving, when you plan on moving and give them some reasons why they should be excited. Get ahead of any negative assumptions and start the conversation on a positive note!
  2. Let them take charge. Being forced into a move away from their friends and community into a new unknown is scary. Your child may feel like they don’t have much control in their lives during this process. To help them regain some confidence, give them some ownership of the move. Allow them to have some input on the move, ask for their input on timing of the move, have them design their new living space, and of course your child can be in charge of their belongings. Have them pack their belongings in your Mi-BOX container, so when it is delivered to your new residence, they will know right where to look!
  3. Be proactive. Being proactive in the process of moving helps eliminate any final stress. Have your child begin moving long before the final day in the home. This can be done by assigning the child one room or space per day to declutter and pack up their things and put them into your Mi-BOX container as they are packed to reduce clutter in the space. This has an added bonus of showing which items are necessary for daily living, and which are not (hello simplify and declutter!). When the final day of the move comes, the last minute packing will be minimized, you’ll know where your necessities are and with your Mi-BOX moving & portable storage container already delivered, you will be ready to find your belongings at your new place!

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